Safety first when using your baby car seat this winter

Safety first when using your baby car seat this winter

With the cold days getting more and more frequent it is important to think about how you will keep your baby both safe and warm when they are out and about in their car seat.

It is very tempting to put your baby in thick layers, like a wintersuit or a coat, and head out in the car thinking that is the best way to keep your baby warm whilst travelling, however unfortunately this is not the case. 

Something I wasn’t aware of with my first born, however thankfully is much more widely known amongst parents today, is that putting a baby in thick layers and then into their car seat will prevent the harness straps fitting sufficiently to your baby’s chest.  This therefore puts the baby at risk should the unthinkable happen and you are involved in a crash.

You can test this out for yourself by tightening the straps when your baby is in a wintersuit or coat, then again when the baby is only wearing their clothes.  You may be surprised, like I was, to see just how loose the straps are without the coat or wintersuit.  In the event of a crash the material of coat or winter suits will flatten out meaning your baby’s body will move too much before being restrained by the straps, putting your baby at unnecessary risk.       


Don’t take risks this winter 

Because of these risks it is surprising that there is no legislation in place governing accessories for car seats and prams.  There are many car seat blankets and wraps available on the internet however few have been through sufficient car seat crash safety testing so please do shop responsibly.


Buy a Cocoon blanket with 100% peace of mind that you are making a safe decision

A Cocoon blanket is the perfect alternative to thick layers because it has holes for the car seat straps to fit through, allowing the straps to fit snugly to your baby’s chest.  It has soft thick fleece lining and a wool exterior ensuring your baby will stay warm whilst in the blanket.  It also has 4 easy to fasten poppers to keep the blanket secure whilst out and about but can be easily opened when returning back into the car or inside where temperatures are higher.


Cocoon baby blankets for car seats and prams have passed crash safety testing

Our Cocoon blankets have passed crash safety testing based on UN Regulation I29 (iSize).  Passing R129 (iSize) testing means that the test was able to be performed with the blanket fitted in place, demonstrating that there was no interference to the test procedure or function of the car seat when the blanket was added.


They haven’t only passed ... but have been proven to provide added protection

The measurements used to perform a car seat crash safety test relate to the movement of the model in the car seat, and the inclusion of the blanket was proven to slow this movement down. This means our blankets provide added protection to your baby’s head and chest in the event of a crash.

It is on this basis that we are confident that you won’t find a safer or warmer car seat blanket out there.  Please don’t risk it this winter, use a Cocoon car seat blanket in your seat and head out and about with 100% peace of mind.