Peace of mind for parents

We are parents ourselves so we understand the importance of safety when researching and buying newborn products.

Going above and beyond the regulations

You may be surprised to hear there is no legislation in place governing accessories for car seats or prams.  However we made the easy decision to complete crash safety testing, on the Cocoon in use in a car seat, to give you peace of mind when purchasing. 

We are pleased to confirm our baby blankets have passed testing based on the UN Regulation 129 (iSize).  Passing R129 (iSize) testing means that the test was able to be performed with the blanket fitted in place, demonstrating that there was no interference to the test procedure or function of the car seat when the blanket was added. 

Even safer than a car seat alone

The measurements used to perform the test relate to the movement of the model in the car seat, and the inclusion of the blanket was proven to slow this movement down.  This means our blankets provide added protection to your baby's head and chest in the event of a crash.
The Cocoon is therefore a brilliantly safe alternative to a coat or snowsuit when out and about with your baby.  If you would like further details on the tests carried out please email contact us via the Contact form.