About Us

Hi I'm Katie, mum of 2 amazing boys and everything Cocoon Babies ... the marketing girl, the designer, the administrator, the social media manager and so much more!

When having my 2 boys their births brought with them a sense of joy and a love like never before, along with the expected stress, anxiety and tiredness in equal measures.  It was during my second pregnancy that I started to become aware of the dangers of putting babies in winter coats in the car seat.  In one sense this was music to my ears as it was always difficult wrestling my first son Jacob into his snowsuit when heading out and about, however it got me thinking about my options for when Joshua was due to be born as he was due in early December 🥶.

Enter my mum, Jeanne (or Pearl as her birth certificate tells us), to the rescue - and not for the first time, I may add!  My mum offered to knit me a car seat blanket with holes for the straps which became the original Cocoon blanket, the first of its kind on the market with poppers to keep the blanket safely secured whilst out and about. 
It was from this that Cocoon Babies - blankets for car seats and prams was born, with a focus on creating a design that was safe, functional and durable without compromising warmth and style.    
Fast forward a few years and we have thousands of happy customers with warm safe babies.  We appreciate each and everyone of our customers and can't thank you enough for recommending us and continuing to buy our blankets as baby gifts after having one yourselves.  

Our Cocoon baby blankets are available in Jet Black, Pearl White (I had to name one of them after my lovely mum!), Ruby Red, Ocean Blue and Candy Pink.  

Customer Reviews

Here's what our customers have had to say: 

The fleece is gorgeously soft and snuggly and the knit fabric looks super cute. I like how it poppers up so when we took him out in the cold he was like a little caterpillar snuggly and warm without having to fiddle him into a coat or snowsuit. It is without doubt the nicest blanket I've seen for car seats”

“Cocoon babies is an amazing product and has been one thing everyone notices and comments on how lovely it is and how clever the product is. We love the item and so does our newest member of the family”

“Easily the best thing we have got for our baby. She loves it and is very cosy in it. So handy when I take her in and out of the car. Would recommend it - it is brilliant”

“Love the cocoon, my little Logan fits all snug. Now I don't need to worry about trying to get a newborn to straighten his arms and legs to fit him in his full body coat! Quality is excellent, shipped super fast and well worth the money. Very pleased customer.”