"The blanket is not only innovative and practical but it is also beautiful" Review by whererootsandwingsentwine.com

With a winter baby it is important to consider how to keep them warm and cosy when out and about without impacting on their safety. 
Whilst a snowsuit is not only adorable and cosy plus great for keeping them snug when being carried or in a pram, a baby wearing a snowsuit in a car seat is very unsafe. In the same way that thick coats and jackets are best not to be worn when a child is strapped in a car, snowsuits and car seats don't mix. The thickness of material means the car seat straps are not snug against the body leaving a dangerous gap which can mean the restraint doesn't work as safely and effectively in the event of a crash which could be deadly. 
Whilst a lightweight baby cardigan with a blanket on top can be used as a safer way to keep baby warm when out and about in the car seat it can be a flawed solution for keeping baby cosy in the cold. Blankets can be kicked off which lets in the bitter cold or pulled over their face which is a safety risk. Also have you tried getting a cardigan on a sleeping baby without stirring them from their slumber?! It's no mean feat I tell you and I believe it is best not to wake a sleeping baby. 
With all these issues to consider I wondered how could I keep our latest baby, our little winter baby safe, warm and undisturbed in the car seat. 
Much to my delight I learnt about Cocoon Babies
Created as the perfect solution to needing to keep babies warm in car seats but avoid the danger of using a thick coat or snowsuit to do so, a clever and insightful mum along with her own mum created a fantastic baby car seat blanket. 
The Cocoon Babies car seat blanket (RRP £29.99) is a beautiful knitted blanket designed to securely fit in a car seat and wrap around baby to keep them warm without compromising safety. 
Designed to fit most 3 and 5 point harnesses and work with most travel systems, the blanket features three holes at the back that are perfectly positioned to fit the car seat straps and buckle through.
With the blanket securely positioned on the baby car seat you simply place baby on top of the blanket  in the car seat as normal and secure them using the harness. As the car seat blanket is designed with the harness holes the harness is not affected, safety is not jeopardized and baby can be secured in the car seat as normal with optimum fit being met.
Once the baby is safely strapped into the car seat you place the rest of the blanket over baby, closing the blanket with the four poppers. 
Suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months the blanket is ideal for keeping a winter baby warm over the colder months. 
Using the blanket with our little newborn we've seen that thanks to its design it secures over him without being oversized with plenty of room so that it will still fit him to keep him warm and cosy as he grows.
The blanket fits well in our Joie i-level car seat and is very easy to fit.
The blanket is not only innovative and practical but it is also beautiful. It is made with a gorgeous knitted wool exterior which is lined with a super soft, snuggly fleece lining. The plush fleece is a stunning vibrant baby blue colour (red and pink lining also available) which is a wonderful contrast to the darker wool exterior. The soft fleece is delicate on baby's precious skin and provides ultimate comfort whilst the quality wool exterior helps keep baby warm from cold weather.
The blanket's easily accessible and very handy poppers feature big button on the wool exterior which adds to the quality and style of the blanket. 
]As the blanket has popper buttons rather than traditional buttons you don't have to cope with fiddly buttons making the blanket quick easy to open and close. As I suffer from fibromyalgia and sometimes struggle with impaired hand function because of this, the popper buttons are a lifesaver. 
I love that the blanket combines great looking buttons which compliments the wool exterior with simple popper buttons for quick and easy fastening without disturbing baby. The big buttons also helps locate the poppers.
To make parenting easier if the blanket needs a clean - baby's and sick often go hand in hand - the blanket is machine washable.
Being able to keep our baby warm and safe in the car seat is amazing. If he falls asleep before we go out I don’t have to try and put a cardigan on him for warmth, I can simply put him in his car seat where the Cocoon Babies blanket is already fitted ready to wrap around him. It does not disturb him and I don’t have to worry about waking him from his dreams.
Once in the car where I can have the heaters keeping us warm I can simply undo the poppers and open up the blanket again without disturbing him or affecting the safety of the car seat and harness. It has made going out and about, from home to car to school/shops and back again so much easier and stress free.
I also appreciate the fact that the cocoon style blanket is designed with a ‘hood’ so that our baby’s head can also be kept warm. 
As the blanket provides ultimate cosiness I have found that our little baby is a lot more content in the car seat, often falling asleep if not already asleep when placed in it , compared to the few times we used the car seat pre-car seat blanket. He looks very comfortable and snug in the blanket with him enjoying the cosiness that the blanket provides - it seems to be like a loving hug keeping him happy, warm and content. As the name suggests he is cocooned in this cosy blanket which he seems to love!
We’ve had lots of positive remarks and compliments about the blanket with many people saying how cosy our baby looks in his lovely blanket and being amazed by the blanket which they think is a fantastic idea.
We love the Cocoon Babies car seat blanket and highly recommend it. It is one of the best baby products we have used in the 9 years that we have been parents, I only wish I’d had one with my other children.
The Cocoon Babies car seat blanket is available to buy from the Cocoon Babies website here.
13th January 2020