"The only blanket needed for a newborn car seat" - Review by myfamilyofroses.com

Travelling with a newborn; without thinking about all the additional things needed, can be easy if you have the right products.

When I was sent a car seat blanket for my newborn I was pretty excited. These are by far the best thing I’ve needed this time round.

So neatly wrapped!

Who are Cocoon Babies?

Mum of 2 Katie launched Cocoon Babies in early 2014. She came up with the idea of the blanket when searching for products for her boys.

How does it work?

It’s basically fitted to the car seat. You take the straps apart from the carseat and fit them through the holes provided within the blanket so it’s fully secure.

It’s ready to use every time we use the car seat.

What do I like?

✔ The blanket feels lovely and thick.
✔ It fully covers my newborn from around her head to her whole body.
✔ Has four popper buttons covering the sewn on buttons.
✔ My newborn looks and feels snug within it.
✔ I love that the blanket is part of the car seat, it means one less item I need to      pack.
✔ It was the essential item when we had our snow week, I could even fit                  another blanket underneath to keep her extra warm.

We’ve had some lovely comments when out and about, the people have loved how this blanket is like a swaddle and she is still secure within her seat.

Machine washable at 30°.

8th March 2018